Photo: Christmas cards

Use These Sites To Send Free Christmas Cards Online

Free Christmas cards are an easy way to get in touch with friends and family during the holidays and you can send electronic cards via email. There are many sites offering you access to animated cards, colorful cards, funny cards, and musical Christmas cards.

Photo: Christmas cards

You can spend time browsing cards by category and there are some sites that let you personalize the card you choose.  When making use of free Christmas cards you can simply send the card by including your email, the email address of the card recipient and you can choose what you want to say.

Sites organize their cards so you can find age appropriate cards.  There are cards that are ideal for friends, family, children, and you can find general cards that are great for all people of all ages.  What’s really nice about free Christmas cards online is that you can reduce the amount of money you have to spend on sending out holiday greeting cards.

Some sites online let you choose animated and talking cards.  You can post your cards to Facebook or other social networking sites and you can also send them via email.  With the talking cards, you can type in your message and you can choose the tone of the character’s voice.  You will have a limited number of letters or words you can type into the message area, usually around 500 or 600 characters.  There are sites online that offer as many as twelve voices to choose from when you are looking to send free talking Christmas cards.


Care2 offers free Christmas cards you can send via email.  You can choose from featured cards, Santa Claus cards, Season’s Greeting cards, International cards, elegant cards, and you can even add a photo to some of the free Christmas cards offered. You can click on any of the digital card images you like and the animated electronic card will load.  You can personalize the card by adding your name, email, the recipient’s email, and your personal message.  You can also schedule a day and time for the electronic card to be sent.  For more information visit

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain has a nice selection of free Christmas cards.  You can choose from Christmas eCards and talking Christmas cards.  There are cards ideal for everyone, funny Christmas cards, and musical cards.  You can send the cards through email or you can post them to Facebook.  You can click on any of the free Christmas cards so that the card can load.  With the talking cards you can choose the words that the card character voices.  For more information visit®® has cute, religious, funny, and traditional free Christmas cards you can send via email.  You can browse cards by category and you can also look through the newest cards offered.  There are cards ideal for everyone, friends, and family.  There are animated cards to choose from and musical selections.  You can add a personal message to the selections offered.  For more information visit